Tan Kian Por 陈建坡

Born 1949 in Chaozhou, China, Tan is one of Singapore’s most accomplished ink artists. His practice has gone beyond two-dimensional works of art. Following in the great tradition of literati art, he is proficient in the “three perfections” of paintings, calligraphy and seal carving. His artworks are often strikingly composed, ingeniously integrating calligraphy and seals to enhance both the substance and ambience of each painting. His paintings have a distinctive style and are displayed in major art galleries in Asia. 

Tan’s works are recognised internationally; they are considered masterpieces in the Nanyang Style and regarded alongside those of pioneer artists Liu Kang and Chen Wen Hsi. For his invaluable contributions to Singapore’s artistic heritage, Tan Kian Por was awarded with the Cultural Medallion in 2001, the highest national honour given to local artists. And now, 2015, Tan Kian Por’s achievements have been further recognised in China, by the invitation to hold a solo show at the renowned Beijing Fine Arts Academy 中国北京画院。