Koh Mun Hong 许梦丰


“ I have always loved nature since young. As a child, I treasured the flora and fauna around me as if they were my playmates. So naturally I was always inspired to transform nature’s beauty and glory into literature and art…” 

 “ When working on a gongbi painting, I am brought back to my childhood days, observing the world with childlike simplicity and joy.”

- Koh Mun Hong

2016 Cultural Medallion Award recipient Mr. Koh Mun Hong 许梦丰, was born in Singapore in 1952. Koh is a self-taught poet and artist versed in the art of Chinese calligraphy and ink paintings. Specializing in Gongbi (工笔) style painting (Chinese ink) of nature such as lotuses, bamboos and birds, he paints with an innate adoration for nature and captures the vibrant colours and dynamic of the natural world on paper.

Koh’s contribution to the classical form is evident from his list of achievements:


1972 - First prize receiver in the Chinese Calligraphy Competition, by The Youth Association.


2007 - Distinguished Art Award, by the Singapore Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-carving, Calligraphy and Painting Society.


2007 - ‘ 特选卓越书画家:艺术之光Most excellent calligraphy artist of the year’ award by Ngee Ann Cultural Centre.


2008 - Honoured as one of the best local Artists of the year By SPH Lianhe Zaobao.


2008 - Published a book entitled Meng Xuan Yi Hui, featuring a collection of his paintings, calligraphies and poems at his 2nd solo exhibition.